Yard Drainage Common Problems

When the rainy season comes, there are many problems that can appear because of rain and malfunctioning drainage system. These drainage problems can become worse and worse if not treated and may eventually damage your home foundation. If prevented or treated in time, you can be saved from costly repairs.

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Some of these problems are:

Surface Water

When the rain doesnt have anywhere to drain, it will spread on the surface, creating a layer of water and mud all across your back yard.

Foundation Water Damage

If water pooling isnt treated properly, water will eventually seep in to your house foundation, water damage can shorten the life of your foundation and require repairs.



Mud is a big problem that usually occurs after a puddle or surface water has drained straight down to the soil and that creates a muddy surface.

Mosquito damage due to lack of yard drainage

Mosquito Hot Spot

Mosquitos habitat is near water bodies, a puddle in your property can be a hot bed for mosquitos to lay their larva, causing a mosquito outbreak in your doorstep.

gutter solutions for yard drainage

Gushing Gutters

Water that is not drained properly can cause gutters to overflow. This overflow contains things that should eventually go to the sewer and not to your back yard.

Yard waterpooling issue

Water Pooling

Without a proper drainage system, heavy amounts of rain will create water pools in the backyard that wont drain for a while.

These Issues can be a serious discomfort to homeowners if
its not treated right and quickly.
The ideal time to repair or install a good drainage system is right before the rainy season.

Don’t wait, prevent!

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