Are you experiencing issues with your yard drainage? Do you have standing water in your backyard? We at Yard Drainage Los Angeles provide many solutions that can address your problem and fix. Some of the most common solutions we offer are the following:

french drain

French Drain

French drains are based of perforated pipes that are placed in the ground in trenches. These trenches are connected to a water outlet to deal with the moisture withing the ground.

sump pump

Sump Pump

Sump Pump role is simple – it pumps water away from the home to prevent standing water from accumulating. Sump pumps are located in a special sump boxes that is designed so that water will flow into it.

catch basin

Catch Basin

Catch basin or drain boxes are usually used to prevent water pooling around them and damage to the plants around it. It keeps debris from clogging the drainage system and prevent waterpooling by draining the water around it.

drainage gutter


Gutters are a drainage system method that collects water runoff and prevent it from pooling in the yard or close to your home foundation by rerouting it to appropriate drainage holes.

soil grading

Soil Grading

Soil grading is the grading of the ground around your house as a slope so it naturally keeps water runoff away from your house. This is usually done when the ground wasnt appropriately graded.

channel drain

Channel / Trench Drain

The channel or trench drain is a drainage system that looks like a simple trench. The trench is covered with a grate in order to prevent debris from clogging the drain. It is used for a quick surface water drain.

These are just several common drainage solutions around Los Angeles. There are several more solutions we offer for houses with a more complex yard design or in need of a more intricate drainage system. Contact us for more information about available drainage solutions.

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