Most Common Yard Drainage Problems For LA Homeowners 

Owning a property in Los Angeles means having a major piece of real estate. However, there are also necessary maintenance steps that homeowners must take to secure their property value. Yard drainage system health might not be at the top of your checklist, but having a durable yard drainage system is an excellent way to ensure that your yard and home are protected.

Discover common yard drainage problems for LA homeowners and the suggested solutions for solving these issues.

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Problematic Gutters

One common but often easy-to-solve yard drainage issue arises from problems with the gutter. Gutter failure often occurs because gutters become clogged. This can often be remedied by snaking the gutter and scheduling regular yard maintenance time every year. Homeowners who are too busy to survey their yard for signs of yard drainage issues can also schedule a professional contractor to perform annual or semi-annual yard maintenance inspections. This will help to ensure that the entire property is functioning smoothly.

Channel Drain

It’s also necessary to ensure that the gutter downspouts are correctly angled so that they redistribute water away from the home and don’t accidentally cause water to re-enter the property. When homeowners find that they are faced with excess rainwater runoff that can’t be remedied by gutters alone, it might be necessary to consider yard drainage installations. Installing a yard drainage system or turning to yard grading services to correct the slope of the yard should be considered an investment in the future of your property.

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Improper Yard Slopes

Your yard must be correctly sloped to ensure proper drainage. Without a correct slope, rainwater is not able to exit the property and be redistributed to a more appropriate outlet. This can cause the water to create soggy spots around the yard. Even worse, the water runs the risk of entering the home. This can lead to mold, fungus, and bacteria growth. It can also rot the frame of the home and cause serious structural damage for LA homeowners.

Yard slopes can be corrected by soil grading services, which correct the angle of the yard. This is a necessary process for many LA homeowners, as the slope of the yard often changes over time due to soil erosion. Contractors can also help the soil absorb rainwater more effectively by adding absorbent soil to the property or planting strategic greenery to help with yard absorption issues. Hillside Los Angeles homeowners often opt for retaining walls to stabilize their property and protect the grade of their yard.

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Standing Yard Water

Soggy yards are the last thing that any homeowner wants, especially those who send their kids and dogs into their yards to play. Not only does standing yard water lead to mud and swamped vegetation, but it can also cause pest infestations such as mosquitoes. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for preventing pooling water on your LA property.
One option is to dig an artificial creek, also known as a swale. This involves filing a trench with gravel to gather and redistribute pooling rainwater.

Many LA homeowners also opt to build attractive rain gardens in low parts of their yard to similarly redistribute water by providing a purposeful drainage spot. Greenery can be planted around this area to help with excess water absorption and prevent water from pooling. Meanwhile, there are several trusted drainage solution options. French drains address excess groundwater, while both trench and channels drains help remove excess surface water.

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french drains

Protecting Paved Surfaces

Another common yard drainage problem for LA homeowners involves issues with paved surfaces. LA might typically be a sunny place to live, but rainstorms can lead to swamped driveways and walkways that can give way to water entering the property and interfering with the home. Homeowners need to take preventative steps to stop the next big storm or quake from ruining their property design or threatening their home structural stability.

Channel and trench drains are effective surface drain solutions that are often installed alongside paved surfaces. These simple surface drain solutions have grates to prevent clogs and can remove large quantities of surface water before they can enter the home. Many hillside and basement homeowners also opt to install sump pumps into their homes to pump away excess water. Other solutions include French drains, atrium grates, catch basins, pop-up emitters, Flo-Wells, and more.

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The best way to prevent costly problems from arising is to have preventative systems in place. That’s why it’s necessary to install a yard drainage system that will keep your property secure and ensure that no water can pool in your yard or enter your property. Booking an inspection with a professional contractor will allow any weak areas of your yard to easily be identified so that the best custom solution for your yard can be put in place.

At Yard Drainage Los Angeles, we offer full yard drainage solutions to LA homeowners. This includes installing all popular yard drainage systems, including soil grading services. We are also happy to make yard drainage repairs and provide routine maintenance inspections so that homeowners don’t have to worry about their future yard heath. Call today to take the first step in protecting your LA property from the threat of invasive rainwater!


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