Landscape Drainage Design

Many Los Angeles homeowners wish to correct yard drainage issues without upsetting the design of their yards. Drainage system failure can devastate landscapes for LA homeowners, though some yard drainage systems can also ruin the layout of the yard despite correcting drainage problems.

Fortunately, there are some types of yard drainage systems that can seamlessly blend into your yard for a protected and attractive Los Angeles property.

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Seeking Tasteful Yard Drainage Solutions

For many homeowners, yard drainage systems are practical solutions to yard drainage problems. Issues such as standing water can swamp and kill plants and greenery, while excess rainwater can enter the home and lead to foundation damage. Yard drainage systems are therefore necessary to protect both the yard and the home from the destructive effects of unmanaged yard water. However, yard drainage systems can serve more than just practical and preventative purposes.

landscape drainage

Some homeowners hesitate to install a necessary yard drainage system because they are concerned about upsetting their landscaping. LA homeowners fear that protruding pipes and parts can disturb their carefully curated yard or that the yard drainage system installation process will ruin their landscaping.

Landscape drainage systems, however, are a specialty type of yard drainage systems that go beyond mere system installation. These specialty drainage options find a sleek and appealing way to integrate a yard drainage system into the landscaping through several trusted methods.

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Swale Drainage Systems

Swale drains are one landscape drainage solution that merges beautiful drainage with landscape design. Swale drains are a decorative drainage choice that enhances both the look of the yard and the functionality of its drainage system. Swale drains work by channeling rainwater through contoured depressions in the yard that allow the runoff water to gently sink into the soil and be absorbed into the yard. Perforated pipes can be seamlessly added underground to help remove extra water if needed.

Landscapers often strategically add water-absorbent plants around the yard to help with the drainage system efficiency. LA homeowners can also decorate the swale drain with more greenery, ferns, flowers, rocks, and grasses. These customization options make swale drains a particularly popular yard drainage solution for image-conscious homeowners.

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Swale drainage

Additional Landscaping Drainage Systems

Swale drains are one attractive yard drainage solution. However, they aren’t the only choice. Many Los Angeles homeowners install French drains due to their efficiency and visual appeal. Since French drains are buried underground, they don’t interfere with the appearance of the yard. French drains consist of a buried perforated pipe and are credited as one of the most reliable and popular LA drainage solutions. 

Slot and trench drains are also more discrete yard drainage solutions that can blend into a property and not ruin the landscaping when properly installed. There are other creative ways to address landscape drainage. Rain gardens allow shallow catch basins to be transformed into flower beds and serve as a place to catch and filter rainwater away from the property.

Permeable paving is another clever solution for helping rainwater drain off of patios, driveways, and walkways so that it doesn’t enter the yard or the home. This customizable solution seamlessly blends into the design of the landscape. Additionally, landscapers can help Los Angeles homeowners determine which types of water-absorbent greenery are most helpful for draining rainwater.

The Landscape Drainage System Advantage

Landscape drainage is an attractive option for homeowners who want their properties to maintain their landscaping appeal. While yard drainage system installations are necessary for handling excess rainwater and avoiding costly problems, landscape drainage truly preserves the unique appeal of the property.

Homeowners who are interested in blending their yard drainage system into their property should seek a company that offers a combination of landscaping and contracting services. Landscaping combined with drainage system installation will equip the home with both a high curb appeal and a secure structure.

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