Is My Drainage System Broken?

From puddles in the yard to water leaking through your crawl space walls, signs of a broken drainage system are often quite clear to spot if you know where to look. Avoid contending with a water-damaged yard and compromised building structure by correcting yard drainage failure before it reaches critical levels. Discover how to spot signs of a faulty drainage system and what solutions are available to remedy your situation.

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Spot the Bad Signs

Are you wondering if your drainage system is suffering from damage? The first thing you need to do is locate damage warning signs.

So what should you be looking for? Water pooling, puddles, and eroded soil are all clear indicators that there is a drainage issue in your yard.

These issues will present themselves most clearly after heavy storms, so be sure to perform a routine property inspection post rainfall.

Soil erosion can be spotted by comparing the soil height to the foundation to check if it is being removed during precipitation. Healthy drainage systems will not have soil being eroded during each rainfall.  

Additionally, you should also inspect your gutters to check for clogs, as they present a clear drainage system hindrance. Ensure that your gutters are both clear of debris and distributing rainwater at an appropriate angle to redistribute it away from your building and property.

Search Your Home Yard Drainage

While many signs of drainage system failure can present themselves in your yard, there are also signs you can spot around the home. The most obvious sign of drainage system failure is the presence of water in your home. Invasive water can often be located in crawl space walls, as well as in your home’s structure. Warped, buckling, and bowing floors and walls are indicators of a moisture intrusion problem.

Other signs include mildew, which can be spotted by its musty odor, and efflorescence, which is a salt deposit that forms in crusty white or grey piles on foundation walls as excess water evaporates. Bacteria, mold, and fungi are also known to breed in moist environments, so all unusual odors should be immediately inspected.

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Understand Your Drainage Situation

Damaged drainage systems are a potentially very serious problem if not corrected by a professional contractor. Excess water in the yard can lead to the death of vegetation, which can cause the visual appeal of the property to plummet. However, the real danger lies within intrusive water entering your home.

There are three main ways that moisture can enter the home, with each leading to a different type of potential damage. When water enters through cracks in the foundation, serious foundation structural damage can occur. This could lead to requiring foundation repair or even replacement. When there are high water tables beneath the home, water often will enter the building through the floors and cause warped and distorted floorboards. This situation can be remedied by installing sump pumps and an appropriate interior drainage system.

Lastly, water at times enters into the foundation without any visible cracks showing. In this case, there is likely an issue with the home’s grading system or gutters, so appropriate yard work will be needed.

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Explore Drainage Solutions

Fortunately for homeowners, once the signs of drainage system failure are recognized there are many solutions that can be implemented.

A professional contractor will be able to evaluate your property and determine which drainage system solution is most appropriate for your situation.

The wide variety of drainage system customization will allow for your drainage problems to be permanently resolved, protecting your property and foundation structure.

French drains are one of the most popular yard drainage systems, as they can redirect excess water in the soil to prevent water from invading the basement, crawl spaces, and home structure.

Surface drain options, such as channel drains and trench drains, are often installed for redirecting large amounts of water away from the property during heavy rainfall.

Additionally, many low-level homes can benefit from a sump pump installation so that excess rainwater can be pumped away from the home quickly.

Other professional drainage solutions include sloped grading, terracing, rounded grates, atrium grates, Flo-Wells, and pop-up emitters.

Stop invading water in its tracks to protect your property.
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It’s our mission to return your home to a healthy and harmonious balance to guarantee lasting structural success and permanent resident safety.

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