Selecting The Best Yard Drainage System For Your LA Property

Los Angeles homeowners need to understand the functionality of different backyard drainage systems so that they can decide on the best system for their property. Since different drainage systems address varying drainage needs, there isn’t one top recommended system for LA homeowners. Instead, it’s important to examine the property and determine where drainage issues should be addressed.

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Simple Spot Solutions

While installing a yard drainage system is an excellent way to protect your property value and preserve your home and yard, some cases of yard drainage failure require simple spot solutions. Regularly cleaning gutters, fixing downspouts, and mending broken grates are all examples of minor yard drainage fixes that can go a long way. A professional yard inspection will determine if a simple solution, repair, or installation is the best choice for your LA property. Additionally, combining multiple solutions sometimes is the best course of action.

Groundwater Drainage Systems

French drains are a reliable and often used drainage system that addresses excess groundwater. Many people prefer French drains since they can be blended into the design of the yard. This universally trusted drainage system contains a perforated pipe buried underground to avoid exposure. French drains are skilled at removing groundwater to prevent it from entering into your LA property. They are often used to keep crawl spaces and basements dry and are reliable for removing significant quantities of water during storms.
While French drains are reliable for keeping basements dry, installing a sump pump inside of the home can assist with water removal. Sump pumps work well with other yard drainage systems to prevent the home from being flooded. Sump pumps are recommended for sloped properties, which makes them popular for hillside homeowners.

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Surface Water Drainage Solutions

While French drains are trusted for groundwater removal, channel or trench drains are a reliable solution for surface water removal. Surface drains can handle even large quantities of incoming rainwater, which is a valuable asset for preventing it from entering the home. These simple trench designs contain a grated covering to prevent debris from clogging the drain.
Another surface system is a slot drain, which is known for being a durable choice. Unlike trench drains and channel drains, slot drains do not have a grated covering. Slot drains are often sleeker in appearance as well.

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Trench drain

Additional Yard Drainage Systems

Low-lying properties can often benefit from a catch basin installation. This yard drainage type is also known as a dry well. Catch basins are most commonly installed around gutters, as they have a pipe that directs the flow of rainwater so it is channeled away from the property. Catch basins are beneficial because they can easily be customized to meet varying needs. Another yard drainage solution known as pop-up emitters offers a clandestine way of disposing of excess rainwater.


These simple yard drainage solutions rely on the hydrostatic pressure in the water, which is used to release excess water outside of the property. To avoid extra water from pooling, pop-up emitters are often attached to drain pipes.
A final yard drainage solution that is commonly installed for LA homeowners is a swale drain. Swale drains are also referred to as dry creek beds and ditches. Swale drains are a versatile drainage system, as they include covering a ditched area of the yard with rocks and greenery. Homeowners can style their swale drain to match the aesthetics of their yard.

Are You Ready For A Yard Drainage Installation?

Don’t let pooling water wreck your Los Angeles property. Address drainage system failures as soon as possible to keep your yard and home protected and in top condition. While Los Angeles is known for its sunny weather, residents know that extreme weather can also strike at any point. Don’t let the next surprise earthquake or intense storm be the ruin of your home.

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